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      bet356体育在线(亚洲版)官方网站-最新最热App Store(简称:bet356体育在线亚洲版官方网站)为湖湘地产龙头企业,公司成立于1992年10月,具有国家一级房地产开资质。公司是bet356体育在线亚洲版官方网站盛世控股集团有限公司全资子公司,也是集团六大板块中核心板块。公司注册资本6.02亿元,总资产67亿元。

       Tianyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Tianyuan Real Estate) is a leading real estate enterprise in Hunan. The company was established in October 1992 and has the national first-class real estate development qualification. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianyuan Shengshi Holding Group Co., Ltd., and is also the core of the six major sectors of the group. The company has a registered capital of 602 million yuan and total assets of 6.7 billion yuan.

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